Our Mission 

The Rosinger Energieanlagen GmbH was founded in 1999 by Dipl.-Ing. Gregor H. Rosinger - who already owned a successful group of companies back then - with the aim of expanding the spectrum of sustainable and decentralized solutions for energy generation with his own innovative technologies in the new millennium and also heralding the hydrogen age in the long term.

Our intellectual property rights impressively document the degree of innovation of our processes, with which not only electricity and heat can be produced from biomass and/or organic waste and even from clinical waste, but also the energy carriers synthesis gas or hydrogen.

Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier

The conversion of hydrogen into electricity has been used for years in both stationary and mobile systems.

Increasingly, however, the energy source hydrogen is also being used to operate hydrogen vehicles. In hydrogen vehicles, the hydrogen is converted into electrical energy using a fuel cell, which drives the wheels via electric motors. Instead of exhaust gas, only harmless water vapor is produced.

Gregor Rosinger, (C) Photo: Martina Draper/photaq.com