History and Background


Gregor Rosinger is a prominent Austrian entrepreneur and investor who is known as the majority owner and CEO of the Rosinger Group, an international investment company specializing in acquiring and managing businesses and holdings. He studied process engineering, economics, and law at the Graz University of Technology, earning his engineering degree in 1991. 

During his studies in the 1980s, Rosinger became active as an investor and industrialist, leading his own companies that were already known as the Rosinger Group. In 1993, he developed the RMS Regional Medium-Sized Enterprise Security approach with his wife Yvette, which has since been used by the Rosinger Group. 

Gregor Rosinger comes from a distinguished lineage of investors and stockbrokers, with his family having been involved in the financial sector since 1530. Like the Medicis and the Fuggers, Rosinger's ancestors were part of the European nobility. In 1790, one bloodline of Gregor Rosinger's ancestors was elevated to the status of imperial counts, while his other ancestors remained barons. The Rosinger name itself is a translation of "Clann de Ros", as "de Ros" could no longer be used as a name due to the Austrian nobility abolition law of 1919. 

Industrial present 

The investor and industrialist Dipl.-Ing. Gregor H. Rosinger is personally or through his financial group "Rosinger Group" involved as mayority or minority shareholder in a large number of companies. 

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Gregor Rosinger, (C) Photo: Katharina Schiffl