Early Industrial Experiances

Dipl.-Ing. Gregor H. Rosinger, who is descendant of an investors family with roots in the mid age, has been a successful industrialist and investor since 1985. 

As he married his wife Yvette, who is descendant from an old mining industrialist family, in 1992, the young couple decided not to go on a honeymoon, but instead to buy a tank factory and convert it into civilian production.

The conversion of the former armored factory into a mining machine and plant construction company was successful within a short time, so that the Rosinger family of industrialists took over other former armaments companies in the years that followed with the aim of converting them into civilian production. 

Industrial present 

The investor and industrialist Dipl.-Ing. Gregor H. Rosinger is personally or through his financial group "Rosinger Group" involved as mayority or minority shareholder in a large number of companies. 

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Gregor Rosinger, (C) Photo: Alois Spandl, FotoLois.com